Jeanne Foster’s next collection Goodbye, Silver Sister, is forthcoming from Northwestern University Press.  She was born in Florida and grew up in New Orleans.  She divides her time between Berkeley, where she is Professor of English at Saint Mary’s College and teaches creative writing, and Le Convertoie, a medieval borgo in Tuscany.  She is currently working on a translation in collaboration with Alan Williamson of selected poems of Bianca Tarozzi, poet and professor at the University of Verona.  Jeanne’s poems have appeared in APR, Hudson Review, Triquarterly, Ploughshares, Literary Imagination, and others.  She is co-editor with Phyllis Stowell of Appetite: Food as Metaphor, an anthology of poems by women (BOA).  “The First Workshop: a Memoir of James Wright” was published in APR.  Her poetry collection, A Blessing of Safe Travel, won the Quarterly Review of Literature Poetry Award.  Her poems have been nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize.